Chantale St Jean

My joy is to reveal the soul by expressing through images of color, that create emotion with the viewer. All humans are creative, it is what sets us apart from other living  things. I am inspired by being able to introduce the world of art to whom ever chooses to be lead

To practice art is not one of outward perfection, but the bliss of revealing the naked soul……..pure beauty

Robert Barrett

Robert Barrett is the founder of the Neighbourhood Art School, Bob studied at the Art School of The Society of Arts & Crafts in Detroit Michigan. He opened his first studio in Windsor Ontario, in 1963. His love of art followed him west to Vancouver British Columbia, where he opened the Danielle Gallery in 1967 to instruct in Portraiture and life Drawing. .


Pine Beatle sun II  25. My red Brushes  Hockey Drawing Collen????????????????????????????????????     Robertas Apples


Candice Perry Moen

Candice Moen  lives and breathes art.  She has a dedication to teaching children and is highly qualified  to instruct in   classical drawing and print making. Her workshops in print making & etchings are always in demand. Children are her choice of subjects


in most of her art work.




 Megan Fisher-Fleming

We would like to welcome our newest instructor to the school. Megan has achieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University, and her Bachelor of Education & Professional Development as well as her BC Teachers Certificate from Simon Fraser University. Megan’s love for art extends to drawing and painting in all mediums. She has successfully completed courses in web designing and computer animation. The students at our school will benefit greatly from Megan’s guidance.

megan croped

meagan4 megan 1 megan2 megan3 megan5


Amy J. Dyck


We are very happy to have Amy instructing at our studios. She has brought a classical style and down to earth method of teaching adults and children the finer points in drawing and painting.


20150806_222950 (1) (1)y girl    amy dancers    amy landscape

amy nudes     amy sketch     amys muscles

Olga Smirnova


Olga is from Russia with all the skills of a master artist. She shares her talents with all our students lucky enough to be in her classes.

olga-1-painting  olga-7  olga-4  olga8

Jordyn Selby


Jordyn signed up for art lessons at our studios in 2011 and became a fabulous student.  Her drawing skills and painting ability showed signs of a budding instructor. The studio decided to train her to instruct our Art Angels in drawing and primary painting in acrylics.She is now our Junior Art Instructor and is doing a great job. Well done Jordyn!