Teens & Adults

   AGES 13 TO ?

Adults and teens are grouped into 3 categories: Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Foundation – This course is designed for beginners or for those who want to review the fundamental skills of drawing. A firm grounding in the materials and technical aspects is essential for advancement. We cover the basics of representational drawing with pencil including space, composition, perspective and tone. Still life will be used as a primary subject because all of the essential principles of shape, perspective, space and texture are covered. Students may advance to the study of the human figure. Learning the proportions, self-portraiture, copying from old master works and copying photographs are standard methods. (Students may also attend life-drawing classes.)

  • Intermediate – Students at this level should already have proficiency in representational drawing. These students will choose which drawing or painting medium they wish to work with and will develop their own projects based on the genres of portraiture, still-life and landscape. Intermediate students will also be required to make stylistic decisions: realism, old master methods, abstract, impressionism etc.  At this level, they will be instructed on theme development, colour theory, application and composition.
  • Advanced – Students with a high degree of experience, skill and motivation who wish to become professional artists or advanced amateurs can plan a program with an advisor. The advanced level focuses on a high degree of technical finish and a more theoretical understanding of image making as it relates to meaning. The demands are high and the work is hard.

Seniors – Age 60 and up Older students may work at any of the above levels and will receive a senior’s discount on the price of tuition.


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