Robert Barrett

 Robert Barrett is the founder of the Neighbourhood Art Studio.Bob studied at the Art School of The Society of Arts & Crafts in  Detroit ,Michigan. He opened his  first studio in Windsor Ontario, in 1963. His love of art followed him west to Vancouver British Columbia,where he opened the Danielle Gallery in 1967 to instruct in Portraiture and life Drawing. .





Candice Perry Moen

                        Candice lives and breathes art.She has a dedication to teaching children and is highly qualified  to instruct in  classical drawing and print making.Her workshops in print making & etchings are always in demand. Children are her choice of   subjects in  most of her art work.






Megan Fisher-Fleming

                   Megan has achieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University, and her Bachelor of Education & Professional  Development as well as her BC Teachers Certificate from Simon Fraser University. Megan’s love for art extends to drawing  and  painting in all  mediums. She has successfully completed courses in web designing and computer animation. The students at our school will benefit greatly from Megan’s guidance.


Jordyn Selby

 Jordyn signed up for art lessons at our studios in 2011 and became a fabulous student.  Her drawing skills and  painting ability showed signs of a budding instructor. The studio decided to train her to instruct our Art  Angels in drawing and primary painting in acrylics.She is now our Junior Art Instructor and is doing a great  job. Well done Jordyn!



                                                                                                                                Austin Marshall


Austin has been an artist his whole life and enjoys creation through all mediums. He enjoys carpentry, prop design, painting,  photography, ink, sketching and photoshop. Art is the tool he uses to communicate his ideas in ways  words  cannot. Austin’s ambition as a teacher is to help his students focus their  attention through  their art and allow them to share their vision of the  world in the way only they can see it.






Leanne Labadie


 Leanne is an established artist and published author of her children’s book ” Angels angels everywhere” Her  paintings are created with mixed mediums of acrylic base and oil finish giving her  paintings an ethereal  glow. Leanne has  over 25 years experience working with children in our community, as a support worker with  children of all ages and abilities. We are proud to have her on the NAS team and encourage the parents to come in and meet her.