Portfolio Class

JESSICAPortfolio Preparation Program

Most university/college visual art programs or applied arts programs (design, illustration ect) require a portfolio of the applicant’s artwork as part of their application requirements. Our Portfolio Preparation Program is designed specifically to help our students develop their portfolio. The program consists of twenty-two instructional assignments and at least three self-directed assignments. Our goal is to help our students create thirty projects that may be edited down to fifteen to twently of their strongest works for their admissions portfolio presentation.

Instructors of this program must have a degree in fine arts and an understanding of current university admission requirements and curricula.

Q.  When should I start preparing my portfolio ?

A.  As you are entering Grade 10, 11 or 12 is the proper time to start preparing.

Q. Do I need to know what school I want to go to?

A. No, we will help you select the one best suited for you.

Q. How long does it take to complete my portfolio?

A. Our basic portfolio course consists of 48 classes with 6 studio time classes. That is usually

     enough time to complete 10 to 12 projects.

Q. How much does it cost to prepare my portfolio?

A.  It depends on timing and what is required for the field of art you choose.

      The basic portfolio course consists of drawing, painting, and  sculpture. Fees start at  $2,400.00 for 48 classes. Private tutoring is available.

      You may request a special program designed for entry into a  certain University, or a special field of business or you may request one on one private portfolio lessons.

Q. How do I apply for your portfolio course?

A. An interview is required. Simply phone the studio and we will set up a time for you.

Important notice

The portfolio program is a  pre-paid commitment. No refund is available. This is to assure that the student is serious about preparing their portfolio. If the student has to withdraw dew to medical reasons, a doctors note is required. Any class missed can be re-scheduled for a later date.

Some fine examples of our Portfolio Students work !

casey    girl 1    dorthy self portrait oils    portfolios 058   dorthy life 10   1    dorthy life 3    dorthy life 1     sill 1       sketch 2     8      MITCH0001     painting4     painting 1